List of Acronyms, abbreviations and definitions for CyprusGas2EU project

MECIT has prepared the following list of acronyms to be used during public consultation of CyprusGas2EU

ACER Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

BEMIP Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan

BUFFER Buffer Storage used for gas storage

CEF Connecting Europe Facility (Fund for projects in Energy, Transport and Communications sectors)

CBA Cost-Benefit Analysis

CBCA Cross Border Cost Allocation Study

CPA Cyprus Ports Authority

CLUSTER Cluster or group of PCIs that have direct or direct impacts/benefits to one or more Member States

CSSD Cooperative Supply Source Dependence

Cygas Cyprus Natural Gas Company (also known as DEFA)

CyprusGas2EU Gas PCI located in Cyprus

DEFA Check acronym Cygas

DG Directorate General

DG Energy Directorate General of Energy

DR Disrupted Rate

EASTMED pipeline Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline

EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EIA Environmental Impact Assessment Study

EIB European Investment Bank

ENTSOG European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas

EU European Union

FID Final Investment Decision

FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit

FSU Floating Storage Unit

GOC Government of Cyprus

IRD Import Route Diversification

JRC Joint Research Centre

LCs Local Communities

LNG Liquefied Natural Gas

MECIT Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism in Cyprus

MS Member State of the European Union

NCA National Competent Authority

NCA Cyprus National Competent Authority for PCIs in Cyprus (MECIT)

NCA Greece National Competent Authority for PCIs in Greece (General Directorate of Strategic and Private Investments)

NGO Non Government Organisations

NSI North-south gas interconnections

NPC Plan National Public Consultation Plan for a PCI prepared by NCA in collaboration with PP or PPs

PCs Priority Corridors of TEN-E Regulation

PCI Project of Common Interest

PCI candidate Project-groups agreed by the Gas Regional Groups and uploaded to CIRCABC on 17 March 2017

PCIs Projects of Common Interest

PP Project Promoter of a PCI.

PPs Project Promoters of various PCIs

PS-CBA Project Specific Cost-Benefit Analysis

SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment study (usually used as SEA for Vasilikos area

SGC Southern Gas Corridor

SSPDi Supply Source Price Diversification

TSO Transmission System of Operator for Gas or Electricity System (sometimes used as TSOs)

TYNDP Ten Year Network Development Plan of ENTSOG (or sometimes ENTSOE)

TYNDP code The code used for a PCI in the TYNDP

VASILIKO The area of Vassilkos at the southern coast of Cyprus (also mentioned as Vassilikos, Vassiliko)