The CyprusGas2EU project (7.3.2) was included in the 2nd PCI list as one of the two Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) in the Southern Gas Corridor that end the isolation of Cyprus (7.3 Cluster of Projects). The other Gas PCI in the 7.3 Cluster of Projects is EastMed Pipeline (7.3.1).

Initially the CyprusGas2EU project (based on its inclusion in the TYNDP of ENTSOG) was consisting of 7 technological options that include both indigenous gas in Cyprus and imported gas (either in Liquefied gas or Compressed gas or pipe gas) for the security of supply of Cyprus and EU.

Therefore, the project name is a blending of these elements:

  • Any Gas Infrastructure that is landing in Cyprus (onshore or offshore) is a Cyprus Gas Infrastructure
  • Any Gas from Cyprus EEZ is CyprusGas and EU Gas
  • Any Gas either indigenous or imported is supplied in an EU Member State